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How should you take care for your jewelry?

Caring for your Nayestones jewellery pieces can be simple and easy when remembering a few simple things.

  • Remove your jewellery during certain activities such as cleaning, swimming and exercising.
  • Avoid letting your jewelry come into contact with chemicals like hairspray, chlorine and perfume, and make sure to store your jewelry in a safe dry place.
  • Storing your pieces individually in soft pouches or a jewellery box can help to avoid scuffs and scratches as well. 

If your jewellery needs to be cleaned, you can use a mild soap and warm water with a soft toothbrush. Please note that certain stones are more delicate than others. Pearls need some extra attention to keep them in their best condition and should be stored flat and separate from other objects that may scratch their surface.

It is also possible to use a jewellery cloth to clean your jewellery and polish the again.